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Battle Field 1 Review

71kjh-ziecl-_ac_sl1000_Battle Field 1 takes us back in time and shows us a world in a way we have never seen before. When you are playing Battle Field 1 you will get an idea of how things used to be and how we fought on the battlefields. It used to be completely different back in the day where you would feel the army with the most numbers will have big advantage on other smaller armies. Today with the help of weapons and technology, it is a whole new ball game. Battle Field 1 is a game developed by EA DICE and its genre is action. Battle Field 1 is rated M according to ESRB and it was released in October 2016. Battle Field 1 is an impressive and exciting game and it is based around the first World War. You might think why would I waste my time with old weapons and machines but in fact you will be surprised on how well everything is put together.


Battle Field 1 will take you many places including the Alps, flying over France and show you the lands of Ottoman Empire in the time of Great War conflict. There will be horses and swords like how there were in the time of Achilles, a great Greek warrior who lives by the sword. The whole atmosphere of the game is amazing and you will fall in love with Battle Field when you get the first taste of blood and battle. Battle Field has many breathtaking moments and amazing location that will blow your mind. Battle Field 1 is a proof that with this new technology in the world of games anything is now possible. Overall, Battle Field one is stunningly beautiful game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you prepare for one of the greatest wars in human history.

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