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Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser

61kmPqO5RiL._SL1200_The name Bosch brings out the best when it comes to any kind of woodwork or leveling equipment. The latest feature, which is the Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive products in the market. It has multiple modes that can be used, most notably the horizontal and vertical. The best part about using this laser level is that you need not have to be extremely intelligent in order to use this product effectively. Basically, most of the people go for this equipment due to the surgical preciseness that it provides.

If you want to make this a weapon of your choice, it is primarily due to the 360° full plane coverage that it provides for your projects. When you think about a laser leveling machine of this quality, you expect a lot of accuracy. Well, the Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser does not disappoint. You will be able to operate them horizontally as well as vertically, and therefore such kind of accuracy that you desire for your projects will easily be achieved. Moreover, you do not have to waste your battery with the motors that continue to it, and you will be able to easily conserve the energy.

The red laser can provide 90° look out for the horizontal as well as the vertical angle. It can work pretty well with the already made layout lines, and also contains a self-leveling technology that is totally automatic and electronically manipulated. The product will also be able to move independently, as well as in harmony to your needs. Depending upon the kind of projects that you have at your disposal, you can make use of the Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser for your ultimate satisfaction in accuracy of the product. Bosch GLL3-80 is one of the top laser levels on the market, if you end up buying this laser level you can be sure that it will last you many years.

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Battle Field 1 Review

71kjh-ziecl-_ac_sl1000_Battle Field 1 takes us back in time and shows us a world in a way we have never seen before. When you are playing Battle Field 1 you will get an idea of how things used to be and how we fought on the battlefields. It used to be completely different back in the day where you would feel the army with the most numbers will have big advantage on other smaller armies. Today with the help of weapons and technology, it is a whole new ball game. Battle Field 1 is a game developed by EA DICE and its genre is action. Battle Field 1 is rated M according to ESRB and it was released in October 2016. Battle Field 1 is an impressive and exciting game and it is based around the first World War. You might think why would I waste my time with old weapons and machines but in fact you will be surprised on how well everything is put together.


Battle Field 1 will take you many places including the Alps, flying over France and show you the lands of Ottoman Empire in the time of Great War conflict. There will be horses and swords like how there were in the time of Achilles, a great Greek warrior who lives by the sword. The whole atmosphere of the game is amazing and you will fall in love with Battle Field when you get the first taste of blood and battle. Battle Field has many breathtaking moments and amazing location that will blow your mind. Battle Field 1 is a proof that with this new technology in the world of games anything is now possible. Overall, Battle Field one is stunningly beautiful game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you prepare for one of the greatest wars in human history.

Dead Rising 4 Review

81qfuevkpgl-_ac_sl1200_Capcom have decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary by bringing us the newest edition of Dead Rising. Dead Rising 4 is a game developed by Capcom and its genre is action and adventure. Dead Rising 4 is rated M according to ESRB and it was released in December 2016. Dead Rising 4 has now managed to reach most of the platforms and that alone has made this game more popular than ever before. In this new edition, the makers of the game have decided to take us back to Willamette, the place where it all started. The goal for the new game is to somehow restart the series and who can blame them, today we have a new technology that can make you experience of playing game very real. Frank is the main character in the story and he will be forced to return to the mall Willamette to find new outbreak of deadly zombie disease.


Dead Rising 4 is very similar to the first game where gameplay mainly focuses on dismemberment of strong and deadly zombies. You can pick your poison when it comes to killing these filthy zombies by picking a most suitable weapon based on your personality and mood. There are many ways to kill a zombie but if you make one wrong move, it could be all over for you. The zombies in Dead Rising 4 have weird glowing eyes which tells us there is some kind of activity going on in their head. That is why it is best to go for a headshot if you want to live for a longer period of time. If you are a fan Dead Rising franchise than you are going to love Dead Rising 4. This new edition of Dead Rising has clearly set the bar high and they have made the killing of zombies as much as it can possibly be in Dead Rising 4.

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Canon EOS 1300D Review

Today, we will be taking a look at the Canon 1300D. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, if you are looking for a high quality entry level DSLR, the Canon 1300D might be the perfect choice for you.


The Canon EOS 1300D is Canon’s latest entry level DSLR camera, which captures in 30 fps.  Some of the features of this camera include, 18MP APS-C sensor, 9 AF points, 3-inch 920k-dot screen, ISO 6400, built in Wi-Fi/NFC, Digic 4+ processor and a lot more.  The 1300D is a little smaller and shallower than the 1200D, which is perfect if you are looking for a compact camera. The control/button placement on this camera is very simple and intuitive, even if you have never used a DSLR before, there isn’t a big learning curve.

81g7peokw8l-_sl1500_The 1300D target audience is those that are looking for a nice and easy to use camera which will also take some awesome shots, the 1300D does just that. Features like night, portrait, motion, sensitive and more make this camera an awesome choice for beginners to learn about DSLR before going for the more advanced cameras.

The 1300D is priced at $439.00, which is a bit pricey compared to its predecessor, but the thing is this camera has many new features.

81ofrzyx9al-_sl1500_Overall, if you are looking for an entry level DSLR, the Canon 1300D would be a great option to look at. The 1300D is a very nice camera, just point and shoot, it actually is that easy. Although it is a little expensive compared to other cameras on the market, Canon usually has deals on its camera, so make sure to check online for the best deal before buying. And if you are looking for other point and shoot cameras that are a bit cheaper, check out our other reviews.


Image Sensor

Type: 22.3 mm x 14.9 mm

Total Pixels: 18.7 megapixels

Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Image Processor

Type: DIGIC 4+


Lens Mount: EF/EF-S

Focal Length: 1.6x focal length of lens

For more specs please check out Canon